What is BuddyGifting?

BuddyGifting is a social gifting website which makes the experience of gift giving and receiving quick, easy and convenient. We help you celebrate every event worth celebrating in life. At BuddyGifting, we provide you a platform to gift a loved one, individually or as a group, on their special occasion. At the same time, BuddyGifting also helps the gift receivers to receive a truly special gift from their loved ones, a gift that they need and is useful to them.

How does BuddyGifting work?

The best way to see how BuddyGifting works is to view our How It Works page.

Why should I use BuddyGifting?

We all wish to give our loved ones gifts which are valuable and of use to them. Often such gifts are high priced and it is becomes difficult for an individual to gift. BuddyGifting solves this problem by allowing you to create a gift pool and inviting common friends to contribute. Now everyone can pitch in their share to send an awesome gift to their loved ones.

What occasions should BuddyGifting be used for?

Some great occasions to use BuddyGifting include: Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, engagement, graduations, retirements, housewarmings, Festivals, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, New Job, etc. You are free to create your own occasions as well ;-)

Do I need to create a BuddyGifting account?

Not necessarily though we recommend you to create one. We offer various options to use BuddyGifting services. You can login through your Facebook account. Alternatively you can create a new account on BuddyGifting or just use the services as a Guest user.

Who can be a part of BuddyGifting?

We welcome everyone across this world to be a part of BuddyGifting. While anyone around this world can create a gift pool and also contribute towards the gift pools, presently, gifts are only delivered across India. We will let you know as soon as this changes.

What is a group gift?

Group Gifting is a very common way of gifting in our country. A group gift is when friends, family, and colleagues contribute money together towards the purchase of a gift for someone special. Through Group Gifting people are able to gift their loved ones better gifts in their limited budgets.


How do I start a group gift?

Click on "Start Gifting" link on the home page. Select the gift reciever, gift options and your friends. If not already logged in, login using your credentials or continue as a Guest to make your contribution! Done. Your group gift pool will be created and alerts will be sent to your invited buddies.

I have selected the gift receiver from my Facebook friend list. Why does it ask me for my friend’s email address and phone number?

At BuddyGifting, we ensure that the gift receiver gets notified about their gift as soon as it is available for redemption. Thus we ask for the email address, which is mandatory, as Facebook does not allow us to fetch your friend’s email address. Though giving out gift receiver’s phone number is optional, we recommend that you give this information so that we can notify the receiver about the gift through an sms.

The occasion for which I am gifting is not listed on BuddyGifting. How should I add it?

Click “Others” under the occasion tab and specify your occasion in the text box.

What does Gifting Date & Time mean?

Gifting Date & Time is when BuddyGifting will notify the gift receivers about the gift they have received. It works as per the Indian Standard Time. (IST)

How do I select gifts while organizing a gift for my friend? Is it necessary to select 3 gifts?

It is not necessary that you have to choose 3 gifts while creating a group gift pool. BuddyGifting allows you to choose upto a maximum of 3 gifts so that the gift receiver has a choice of what they want. We recommend you to select atleast one gift of the range of what you are planning to gift.

The gift I wished to send is not available on BuddyGifting. What should I do?

If you are looking for something specific and if not available on BuddyGifting, please drop us an email with the product details on contact@buddygifting.com. We will try our best to fulfill your need.

What is the Total Gift Value?

The Total Gift Value is the total amount that you want to raise from the group gift pool for your friend’s occasion. This price is automatically set to the maximum price out of the gifts that you select. You can change the Total Gift Value at your will.

How do I invite my friends to contribute for the group gift pool that I am creating?

You can invite your friends through Facebook or email.

How will my friends be notified to contribute for the group gift pool that I am creating?

Friends who have been invited through Facebook will receive the gift pool link in a Facebook wall post and a Facebook private message depending to their privacy settings.

Friends invited through emails will receive the pool link in their emails.

I have created a pool but my friends have not been notified about it yet. Why?

A group gift pool is made active and notifications to friends are sent only after the pool creator makes the first contribution to the group gift. If you as a pool creator have made the contribution and your friends have still not received the invitation, please contact us at support@buddygifting.com and we will look into it.

Why do I need to make the first contribution for the pool I am creating?

Often group gift pools are created and close with no activities done by the creator and other invited friends. To avoid such situations we make the pool active and send out friend invitations only after the first contribution by creator. This ensures the genuine nature for which the group gift pool is created.

When should I use the option – “Let the receiver select”?

You can use the option “Let the receiver select” when you are not sure what do you want to gift your loved ones. When you select this option, you gift a common BuddyGifting voucher of the amount that you select. This voucher can be used by the gift receiver to make any purchases across the BuddyGifting store.

I have created a group gift pool for a common friend’s occasion. Can I now invite more friends to contribute in this pool?

Yes, the pool creator and the invited members can invite more friends anytime before the pool closes. To invite more friends, go to “Live pools” in the menu tab and click on the particular pool in which you want to invite more friends.

Can the gift receiver come to know about the gift being arranged for him?

No. BuddyGifting keeps up the surprise element of gifting. The gift receiver would be notified only on the gifting date at the specified time.

I have created a group gift pool. Can I edit it later?

Yes. Only the group gift pool creator has the option to edit the pool after creation. The gift receiver's details, gifting date, time, pool name and gift selections can be edited later.

What happens when a group gift pool is created and no contributions take place till the pool closure time?

The chosen gift receiver will not be sent any gift notification if there has been no contribution towards the group gift pool. An email will be sent to the pool creator about the pool closure without any activity.

How do I see the pools I have created or I am a part of?

Log on to BuddyGifting and click on “Live Pools” Tab on the menu bar. Here you can see all the group gift pools that you have created or you are a part of.

As a gift pool creator, I had contributed my share but my friends have not. Can I cancel the pool and get my contribution refunded?

Not presently.

As a group gift pool contributor, can I get my money refunded back after making a contribution?

Not presently.

Can I send a gift earlier than the time specified while creating the pool?

Yes, the pool creator can see a “Send Gift” button on the group gift pool page after the pool has received at least 1 contribution. The click of this button will close the pool and send the gift notification to the receiver.


How do I see the gifts that I have received?

Click on "Redeem Gift" button or “Gifts Received” Tab on the BuddygGifting home page. If not already logged in, login using your credentials. Here you can see all the gifts you have received.

I have received a gift notification. What should I do now to get the gift?

Congratulations! Your gift is now up for redemption. Log on to BuddyGifting with the email id and password mentioned in the gift notification email. Go to “Gifts Received” tab and you will see your gift pool. Clicking on the pool name or Redeem button will take you to the gift details page.

As a gift receiver, what should I do if I already have the gifts that my friends have selected for me? Is there a way I can exchange them for something else?

Yes! BuddyGifting gives all the power to gift receivers in order to eliminate wastage of gifts and to ensure productive utilization of gifts. You can either swap the gift your friends have chosen for something else from the BuddyGifting store OR you can even opt for a gift card as per your wish. BuddyGifting charges a small convenience fee for making this change.

As a gift receiver, do I have to redeem the whole gift amount at one time?

Not necessarily. If you have balance amount left, you can come back and redeem it anytime later.

As a gift receiver, how can I redeem the remaining money left in my gift pools?

You can redeem it for gifts that your friends have selected, swap it for something else from our store or opt for a gift card. You also have the option to convert the money from your gift pools to BuddyGifting wallet money.

Is there a specific period for which the gifts are valid and have to be redeemed?

No. You can redeem your gifts anytime you want.

As a gift receiver, can I club the gifts from various group gift pools that I receive?

You can convert the gift amounts received from various pools into BuddyGifting wallet money. This way you can club gift amounts from different pools and make a bigger purchase from your BuddyGifting wallet money. A small service fee is charged by BuddyGifting to convert the gift amount from a group gift pool to BuddyGifting wallet money.

Can I redeem a gift that is of higher amount than the group gift amount I have received?

Yes. You will be asked to pay the difference excess amount at the checkout.


Will the gift receiver be able to view the amount of my contribution?

Yes, but you can avoid showing your contribution by clicking on checkbox "Don't reveal my contribution" during your contribution in the pool. The gift receiver can view the friends who have contributed for his group gift along with their respective messages.

Can I keep my contribution amount secret?

Yes, while making a contribution when you click the checkbox “Don’t reveal my contribution” your contribution amount is not revealed to anybody in the pool or the gift receiver.

As a gift pool creator, will I be updated when a contribution is done?

Yes. The group gift pool creator receives an email every time the pool receives a contribution.

What are the methods by which I can make a payment on BuddyGifting for my contribution/order?

BuddyGifting offers multiple methods to make payments for your order: Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking and BuddyGifting Wallet. BuddyGifting and our trusted payment gateway partners use secure encryption technology to protect your card information at all times.


What is BuddyGifting Wallet?

BuddyGifting Wallet is a prepaid payment instrument which can be used to make purchases or payments across the BuddyGifting website.

How do I receive money in my BuddyGifting Wallet?

1. You can add money to your Wallet using credit card, debit cards or net banking.

2. You can convert the gift amount received from various gift pools to BuddyGifting Wallet money.

How do I use my BuddyGifting Wallet balance money?

1. You can use the Wallet money to make a contribution towards a gift.

2. You can use the Wallet money to make any gift purchases for yourself from the BuddyGifting store.

3. You can purchase a gift card if your BuddyGifting Wallet money is more than Rs 3000.

How do I view my BuddyGifting wallet details?

Login with your BuddyGifting account. Click on “BuddyGifting Wallet” under your account section. Here you will be able to view your wallet details as well as be able to add money to your BuddyGifting Wallet.

What is the use of BuddyGifting Wallet?

1. BuddyGifting Wallet helps you make quick payments without the need to enter your card details every time.

2. It enables you to combine small gift amounts and purchase that one big gift you always wanted to have.

What should I do if my BuddyGifting Wallet money is insufficient while making a payment?

You have the following options:

1. You can top up your Wallet and make the complete payment using BuddyGifting Wallet.

2. You can make a part payment using your BuddyGifting Wallet balance and make the rest of the payment using other payment options such as credit cards, debit cards or net banking.

Can I take out money from my BuddyGifting Wallet?

No, but you can purchase a gift card from your BuddyGifting Wallet money. Gift cards can be opted for when the Wallet balance is above Rs 3000. For more information on Gift cards, please refer questions related to Gift cards.


What is a Gift card?

Gift Card is a Pre-paid Card. It is usable at all VISA enabled Merchant Establishments and POS by signature. It is a better substitute for Gift Vouchers sold by many retail houses as its use is not restricted to any particular Merchant Establishment/ Point of Sale.

Why should I purchase a Gift card?

Gift Card, issued in association with VISA International, is the product which gives the comfort of convenience and wide acceptability and also unlimited options for you to choose. Gift Card takes the hassle out of finding the right gift by letting the receiver himself choose exactly what he wants. It gives gifting the personal touch that every individual desires. The gift card lets you decide how to spend the card amount. Shopping, dining, partying, the cardholder can use the card just the way he/she wants. There's no need to spend the entire amount in a single swipe or at a single shop. The value and location of the purchase is at the sole discretion, convenience and will of the cardholder.

When should I purchase a Gift card?

You should opt for a gift card when you have received a gift which you already have or would not want to use, or when you do not find something interesting to swap your gift from the BuddyGifting store. The Gift card option is available on Gift value of Rs 3000 or more.

Where can I use the Gift card?

It is usable at all VISA enabled Merchant Establishments and POS by signature. The card lets you shop at over five lac merchant outlets all across the country. Every time the Gift Card is used, the purchase amount is deducted automatically from the card balance.

Why do I have to send my ID proof details while opting for a Gift card?

When you opt for a gift card, you will be required to email us a proof of Identity such as valid Passport, Voter ID card, PAN Card etc. And Proof of Residence such as Passport, Driving license, Ration Card, etc. We ask for above two documents as a security measure against the prepaid gift card that we will be sending to you.

What is the validity of the Gift card?

The Gift card will be valid for 1 year from the Date of issue. You may contact the Gift card vendor thereafter in case you want to extend its validity.